Heading into 2013….

Scarlett went back in for more surgery in December. The surgeon decided that he didn’t want to cut into anything yet, but instead wants to confer with his entire CranioFacial practice team and see what they suggest. There is the possibilty of going in through the side of Scarlett’s neck (prior surgery’s have all been down her throat).  They are unsure how to remove any more of the airway tumor without causing damage to her swallow reflex and voice. Such is the nature of these plexiform tumors: they are so entangled with vital organs and there is no easy way to remove them. In the meantime, she is cleared to go back on the daily chemo meds (Gleevec). Despite two of the tumors growing during her last round of Gleevec, everyone seems to agree that she seemed to breath and speak eaiser while on the Gleevec. She’s such a trooper.