Long day and in recovery.

Whew. What a day. Scarlett is out of surgery and resting. Unfortunately she is in a lot of pain. She’s on heavy pain meds but is awake. The surgeons said surgery went well and they’re hopeful the lung will stay open. The removal of the top part of the lung went fairly quickly, but they decided to abrade the outside of the lung to cause inflammation, which should help it adhere to the chest wall. The surgeon warned us in advance that it would be severely painful for her so we’re all focused on staying on top of her pain meds. They’re going to keep her several more days for observation so the soonest we would be home (best case scenario) is Tuesday.
I need to get some sleep so this will be a short post but I did want to share a happy Scarlett story. When we checked into the hospital, her dad brought her a book with a bunch of stickers in the front. Every single person who has worked with her has picked a sticker (she insists on it). It’s pretty cute to see surgeons and nurses all walking around with unicorns and ice cream cones stuck on their face shields. Anyhow, when she was finally waking from surgery, a pair of new nurses rolled her into her room. I could tell she was trying to say something but her voice was so hoarse it was hard to hear. I leaned over closer and she croaked “get.. the.. sticker.. book”. Heavily sedated or not, she made sure those two nurses were getting their stickers! 😂.