Exhaling and the Force

I know I’ve gone overboard on updates lately; so much has happened in the last few months. Thank you for bearing with me.

Hopefully, this will be the last update for awhile. Yesterday, I got a voicemail that I’ll probably save forever. I consider it the Exhale Message. It was the Kaiser Pharmacy calling to let us know that insurance approved Scarlett’s meds and I’ll have them in hand on Tuesday. It took everything I had not to cry (happy cry) when I heard it. I’d prepped my inner Xena for a months long battle with the insurance company, but they just approved it without question. Exhale. Full credit goes to the fantastic Oncology docs at Childrens who lobbied for us.

The medication is a tablet she takes once a day (it’s a form of oral chemotherapy). She goes in for one more MRI so we have a baseline at the start of the medication this week. The MRI will probably take a couple of hours, but she’s a pro. Childrens Hospital makes everything easier for kids, so they have movie players in the MRI machines. She’s thrilled because she gets to watch Star Wars. Again. The Force is strong in that kid and I’m beyond lucky to be her mom.

So much love,